A sociology degree is an excellent foundation for medical school, law school, or seminary. Do issues like male/female differences or racial discrimination or poverty fascinate you? Do you care deeply about injustice? Then you should major in sociology. Sociology is also the right major for you if you love both science and the humanities. You will get rigorous training on how to scientifically research social life, and you鈥檒l also delve into the major theoretical traditions of social theory.

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Trae Darius Earl Bell


One of my goals in life is to have my own private practice with a specialization in play therapy and be an advocate for change in African-American culture.

Trae Darius Earl Bell


Why should I choose Sociology?

Sociology is an unusually versatile degree that can lead to a wide assortment of careers.

What are some sociology courses I will take?

  • Marriage and Family
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Social Class and Poverty
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Sociology of Health

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Degree in Social Alum speaking about how she uses what she learned in her sociology classes at UMHB.

Community. Character. Camp.

Audrey Rader works 鈥 and plays 鈥 at Camp Cho-Yeh summer camp in Livingston, Texas. This 2010 sociology graduate spends a year with college graduates helping prepare them to be leaders. 鈥淢y main objectives for my interns is to help them cultivate faith, nurture community, and forge character,鈥 Audrey said. She uses what she learned in her 九色视频sociology, religion, and outdoor recreation classes as the foundations in her daily work as she leads her staff, teaches the Gospel, and works outdoors. 鈥淚t is neat to see how God was equipping me at 九色视频for what was in my future, even when I had no idea.鈥

What are some career options?

With a degree in Sociology, your future is open to many job opportunities:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Survey Analyst/Pollster
  • Social and Community Services
  • Human Resources
  • Urban Planning
  • Higher Education Student Services

Who is hiring 九色视频students?

九色视频Sociology students have found success in many different places:

Texas Health & Human Services

Waco VA Regional Office

Carlton-Bates Company (industrial component distribution)

What graduate studies can be pursued with a sociology degree?

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Social Work
  • Seminary
  • Counseling

Why study sociology at UMHB?

Each sociology student graduates with technical skills in data collection and analysis, which are highly valued in our world of 鈥渂ig data.鈥 During their studies at UMHB, students conduct their own research and have opportunities to present their findings at a conference.

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