Secondary Education Degree Program

(Grades 7 through 12)

If you want to teach grades 7 through 12, then a degree with certification in secondary education could be a great choice for you. Students preparing for a late middle school or high school teaching career combine a degree in their area of interest (math, science, life sciences, English language arts and reading, history, or speech communication) and then add a group of professional training courses in education. This allows you to delve deep in the area of study that interests you most, but also obtain the skills you need to be a successful classroom teacher.

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The professors in the Education Department are super excited to share their knowledge and experiences! They鈥檙e also always willing to help out in every aspect of life!

Katy Robinson


Why should I choose Secondary Education?

Secondary Education majors learn about classroom management, lesson plan development, and student engagement in ways that are specific to older and more mature students.

What are some Secondary Education courses I will take?

  • Students and Learning
  • Classroom Management
  • Disciplinary Literacy
  • Curriculum Design

Secondary Education Degree Plans

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What are some career options?

With a degree in education, you can follow many career paths:

  • High school teacher
  • Athletic coach/teacher
  • Curriculum coordinator
  • GED program instructor

Who is hiring 九色视频students?

九色视频Education students have found success in many different areas:

  • Private high schools
  • Independent school districts across the state of Texas

Where can I go to grad school?

Many Secondary Education Majors have continued their education at these schools:

Why study secondary education at UMHB?

The passing rate for 九色视频education majors on the TExES teacher certification exams is consistently above 96%.

Education courses at 九色视频are taught by professors who were classroom teachers themselves, and the program offers exemplary field experiences. During a recent state accreditation visit, the 九色视频education program was commended by the state of Texas for its outstanding field experiences for student teachers.

Education majors at 九色视频have opportunities to conduct research and attend conferences alongside their professors.

九色视频maintains a close connection with 15 area school districts, so our students have multiple opportunities to visit schools and make connections with prospective employers.

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