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History majors learn how to consider the diversity of human experience in all corners of the world. Through their courses, they learn to make the past accessible by preserving the collective memory of varied places and times and to use information, evidence, and argumentation to identify and explain continuity and change. History students learn how to think critically, how to communicate through writing and speaking, and how to argue from multiple viewpoints about a given event, development, or historical legacy. Through the study of history, students not only expand their historical knowledge but also come to understand the complexities of human nature and life.

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Kyler Keele


I am planning on using my education degree to teach middle school students math or history. Kids grow a lot in middle school, and I want to help them grow in a positive direction.

Kyler Keele


Why should I choose History?

The history major prepares you for a wide range of professions, from teaching to government work, or for continuing your education in graduate school, law school, or seminary.

What are some history courses I will take?

  • Historical Inquiry, Research, and Method
  • History of the American Presidency
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • History of Church State in the United States
  • Ancient Greece and Hellenistic World

History Degree Plans

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Bachelors degree in history alum talking about history program at UMHB.

Aleyna Derrick

Legal Precedents

Aleyna Derrick has always been interested in history, so her choice of a major was easy when she came to UMHB. Her studies in history eventually led her to a career in law, and today she is staff attorney for the Twelfth Court of Appeals in Tyler, Texas. 鈥淟aw is steeped in history, and being a lawyer (especially at the appellate level) is all about thinking creatively and writing well. My history professors pushed me to think more critically, write better, and look at history and government in a whole new way. This definitely helped me succeed in law school,鈥 she says.

What are some career options?

With a degree in history, you can follow many career paths:

  • Teaching at secondary or college level
  • Law
  • Government work (local, state, national)
  • Museums
  • Park guides
  • Research positions

Who is hiring 九色视频students?

九色视频History students have found success in many different areas:

  • Twelfth Court of Appeals
  • San Antonio District Attorney鈥檚 Office
  • Texas Legislature
  • Bell County History Museum
  • Texas Public School districts

Where can I go to grad school?

Many History students have continued their education at these schools:

  • George Bush School of Public Affairs鈥擳exas A&M
  • Brandeis University
  • Baylor Law School
  • St. Mary鈥檚 School of Law
  • University of Houston
  • Washington State University

Why study History at UMHB?

九色视频history majors may earn up to three upper-level hours through internships related to the major. Students have interned at local museums, judges鈥 offices, law firms, and congressional offices.

As part of their degree program, students may choose to spend a semester studying in Europe, experiencing other cultures and historical sites through the London Studies program.

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