Master of Science in Accounting

The 九色视频McLane College of Business Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program is 30-hour advanced accounting education to prepare students for the CPA, CMA, and CGMA exams and launch their professional career to new heights.

BACC 5312

BACC 6343

BACC 6325

BACC 6335

BACC 6313

BACC 6320

BACC 6350

BACC 6324



MSA students can choose to concentrate in

MSA | Data Analytics
MSA | Digital Marketing
MSA | Healthcare Administration
MSA | Information Security Management
MSA | Supply Chain Management

鈥婽he MSA is delivered completely online.

Students may continue to work full time while completing the course requirements for this degree. 九色视频professors teach all of the required courses and are available online, by phone, or by appointment on campus to answer questions and mentor students, making this program a personal and distinctive educational experience.

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Is This Your Degree?

MSA students are both seasoned and aspiring professional accountants looking towards career advancement and certification exams. This is our only business degree with a prerequisite undergraduate education being either a degree in accounting or the equivalent coursework. Professional experience is not required, and 九色视频students can begin coursework as early as their final undergraduate semester.

This degree is intentionally designed for accounting graduates who have entered the field but need to complete the remaining hours and course load to be eligible to take certification exams. Its structure is work friendly, utilizing the latest in distance-learning technology.

If your goal is to become a successful accountant, either public or private, the MSA degree is for you.

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