Our Mission

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor prepares students for leadership, service, and faith-informed discernment in a global society. Academic excellence, personal attention, broad-based scholarship and a commitment to a Baptist vision for education distinguish our Christ-centered learning community.

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Our Vision

九色视频will be the university of choice for Christian higher education in the Southwest.


  • We will deepen our commitment to our Christian mission and Baptist heritage.
  • We will offer a high-quality educational experience while remaining one of the most competitively priced private universities in the Southwest.
  • We will offer exceptional academic programs that distinguish 九色视频as a leading university.
  • We will strengthen our commitment to excellent teaching.
  • We will be recognized for our student-focused culture.
  • We will foster and grow a robust residential campus community.
  • We will cultivate a campus culture of global engagement.
  • We will provide attractive facilities that advance student learning and campus life.
  • We will secure the financial resources needed to accomplish our vision.
  • We will hire, develop, and retain highly qualified people who are passionate about contributing to the 九色视频experience.

Our Values

Broad-based Education

We believe an educated person is one who not only has mastered a chosen field of study but also has gained an understanding and appreciation for the intellectual and cultural traditions of a diverse world. Through traditional liberal arts programs and professional programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the university seeks to develop graduates of strong Christian character and integrity who are able to communicate effectively, think critically, and solve complex problems. In addition, we strive to inspire a lifelong love for learning so that graduates may face challenges successfully in an ever-changing world.

Christian Faith and the Intellectual Life

We recognize that all truth, whether revealed in Scripture or creation, has its origin in God. Since all truth is grounded in God, we believe that the pursuit of truth and the Christian faith are mutually reinforcing. We strive to develop graduates who integrate Christian perspectives and attitudes into every dimension of life: character, relationships, vocation, and service. To empower students to integrate a passionate Christian faith with human knowledge, we dedicate ourselves not only to grounding them in the basics of Scripture and in the historical beliefs of the Christian faith, but also to broadening their horizons, deepening their insight, sharpening their intellect, and cultivating their ability to appreciate the good, the true, and the beautiful. We seek committed Christians for our faculty and staff who will support the university鈥檚 mission and who will be active participants in their local church. In short, our goal is to produce graduates who love God with their whole mind.

Teaching Excellence

We value well-qualified educators who are committed to effective, innovative teaching that prepares students to excel in their particular fields, to think creatively and critically, and to integrate facts across disciplines. Our faculty members exhibit an intellectual curiosity and passion for their fields of study which, in turn, stimulate our students to excel academically. To that end, the university is committed to maintaining an atmosphere of academic freedom and providing faculty members with resources and opportunities to enhance teaching effectiveness and to be engaged in a wide range of scholarly activities. The university seeks to identify, recognize, and reward faculty members who exhibit exceptional teaching ability.


We value our role as a Christ-centered university which addresses educational, cultural, civic, and economic needs by providing service opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. We strive to instill within students an awareness of people in need and a commitment to seeking solutions, both locally and globally.

Students as Individuals

We respect each student as a unique individual who has a distinct perspective on the world. Therefore, we welcome students from diverse backgrounds and understand that exposure to different cultures and experiences within a Christian environment enriches the educational process. The university strives to create an atmosphere where every student is an integral part of our learning community. We place student achievement first and emphasize this through personal attention, small class sizes, teaching excellence, campus activities, athletic programs, and leadership opportunities. The university is committed to encouraging each student to reach his or her potential spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.

Baptist Faith and Message

九色视频is a BGCT-affiliated university and, therefore, is in alignment with these beliefs: .